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Heavy Duty Adhesive Waterproof Primer Quick Drying Liquid Primer For General Coating

Heavy Duty Adhesive Waterproof Primer Quick Drying Liquid Primer For General Coating

    • Heavy Duty Adhesive Waterproof Primer Quick Drying Liquid Primer For General Coating
    • Heavy Duty Adhesive Waterproof Primer Quick Drying Liquid Primer For General Coating
  • Heavy Duty Adhesive Waterproof Primer Quick Drying Liquid Primer For General Coating

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: FoShan China
    Brand Name: Phresh/YiMei
    Certification: ISO SGS NQA ROHS
    Model Number: PHRESH-8008

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: 4.8KG,5KG,10KG,25KG
    Delivery Time: 7 days
    Payment Terms: 7days Western Union, T/T, L/C, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 10000KGS/DAY
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    Detailed Product Description
    Environmentally: Eco Friendly Fineness Modulus: 15um
    Dring: 600-800℃ Color: Various Colors B 167(601)
    Ratio: Paint:Water=1:0.1-0.5 Material: Resin,curing Agent, Additives,weather-resisting

    Heavy Duty Adhesive Waterproof Primer Quick Drying Liquid Primer For General Coating



    This product is a one-component quick drying acrylic topcoat, which consists of acrylic resin as basic materials, it also consists of pigment, additives and solvent. It has the features of fast drying, good waterproofing, salt resistance and weatherability.



    It can be applied to the machinery equipment and all kinds of automobile repair coating.



    Many colors, according to customer's request
    Density(23±2℃)(white color)
    Solid content in volume
    40%±2% (white color)
    Standard film thickness
    Dry film: 20μm / Wet film: 50μm
    Theoretical coverage
    16㎡/kg(Base on 20μm dry film)
    Drying time(23±2℃)
    Surface dry:≤10min / Hard dry:≤2h
    Flashing point


    Technical indicators (typical data)

    (*Note: The water-resistant whiteboard pen wiping test pen is based on Toyo and True Color Black Pen)

    Heavy Duty Adhesive Waterproof Primer Quick Drying Liquid Primer For General Coating


    Contruction instructions:
    Substrate treatment:
    Removing dust, grease, water and other debris on the surface. Before painting, steel surface must be adopted sand-blasting with Sa2.5 degree rust removal. For the segment butt joints and unattainable position for sand-blasting, it is adopted power tools to mechanical polishing rust removal with St3 degree.Coating accessory: Epoxy ester primer, two component epoxy primer.Paint thinner: AB115T paint thinner

    Construction method
    Airless spraying
    Air spraying
    Brush coating/Roller coating
    Dilution ratio
    Nozzle size
    Spraying pressure
    Coating interval(23±2℃)
    Min. 3h Max. unlimited
    Tools cleaning: All tools after use need cleaning with AB115T thinner.

    Safety: Be careful to use this product. Please note the safety precautions on the package label before or when to use it. In addition, you should comply with the safety regulations of the state or local government. Personal protection, including but it’s not limited to lung, eye and skin. To see a doctor if swallowing or other direct contact with this product. Precautions must be taken: fire prevention, explosion prevention and environmental protection. The construction of this product should only be in a well-ventilated case. Powerful ventilation must be provided when applying paint in a narrow place or stagnant air.


    -Construction temperature is 5~40 ℃.

    -Air relative humidity is less than 80%.

    -The substrate surface humidity is 3 ℃ higher than the dew point.

    -Avoid construction in the rain, snow, fog weather.

    -Before coating the next paint, oil, condensate water, Welding splash drops and dust should be cleaned up on the surface of previous paint.

    -Recoat interval is related to the environment. If maximum recoat interval is exceeded, the surface have to be roughened to ensure the adhesion between layers.

    -Paint should be stored at low temperature, dry and ventilated indoor warehouse. Keep away from heat and avoid direct sunlight.

    -Construction workers should be required to wear labor protective gear. Construction site and storage should be equipped with fire-fighting equipment. To avoid fire, fire and smoking is prohibited.

    -This product is only suitable for professional use.

    Packaging: 10Kg/barrel, 20Kg/barrel or according to customers' request.

    Shelf life: One year in dry and ventilated place with unopened condition.



    Heavy Duty Adhesive Waterproof Primer Quick Drying Liquid Primer For General Coating

    Construction reference:

    ◆Surface treatment: safely remove the floating ash, floating rust, oil stain and other impurities on the surface of the workpiece to be coated, so that the surface of the workpiece to be coated is clean and dry;

    ◆Construction method: roll coating;

    ◆ Thinner: pure water or clean tap water;

    ◆Dilution ratio: add 10%~20% of the original paint weight, or adjust according to the specific conditions;

    ◆Construction viscosity: roll coating viscosity: 70~100 seconds (coating -4 cups, 23±2°C), or adjusting according to customer requirements;

    ◆ Drying method: 220±2°C (plate temperature), constant temperature baking for 70~90 seconds;

    ◆ Dryness test method: use a cloth with a concentration of 95% alcohol to rub back and forth 30 times, and then use a nail to scrape (the paint film is not soft, the scratch is not acceptable);

    ◆Coating area: ≥18 m2/kg (single layer dry film thickness 15μm ~20μm), the actual coating area is related to the specific construction thickness (dry film).



    ◆The degree of quality of metal substrate treatment will directly affect the final effect and protective performance of the film;

    ◆ This product should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, the temperature is 0 °C ~ 40 °C, the validity period is half a year; if it exceeds the storage period, it can still be used after passing the inspection.



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    • Yes, we could packing the paints according to your request, add the LOGO.


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