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I believe the can says not to thin it. I found it plenty thin enough to spray with a pretty low-end sprayer. I have heard people say they have thinned with 10% water to extend the dry time, but I can't speak as to their end results. Mine came out great (cabinets)

—— Tech Guy

If your careful when mixing, as to not force bubbles into the mixture you should be fine.

—— David B.

I have used it on white water based enamel painted cupboards. I found that if you put it on after a few hours of drying time for the paint, it will yellow. If you let the paint dry for a few days, it stays crystal clear. it depends on temperature and humidity also. Try it in an inconspicuous area first.

—— Ted

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Our quality control:


YiMei/Phresh company relies on innovative ideas and service awareness, relying on bit by bit, perseverance and hard struggle, relying on conscientious and responsible, orderly management, high-quality staff, and constantly growing. At present, there are six categories and nearly 100 varieties of products. YIMEI Waterborne Paint is a famous brand in the water-borne paint industry. YIMEI Waterborne Paint brand enjoys a high reputation in the national market and is well received by the majority of users. The company's products have won many honorary certificates or titles issued by the state and professional organizations over the years.Strictly control the production of products in accordance with ISO9001 international quality management system standard.Put quality in the first place and dedicate high quality products to consumers.


1. Procurement of main raw materials: In order to ensure product quality during the production process in the past ten years, raw materials procurement has maintained good supply-demand relationship with world famous multinational corporations such as BASF, Bayer, DuPont, Rohmhass and Ciba, and strived to build a well-known brand in China's water-based paint industry. 
2. Control of production system: In 2003, the company took the lead in passing ISO 9001, 14001 and 10-ring system certification in the same industry, and organized production strictly according to its system in the production process to ensure product quality stability. 
3. Product testing: The company has domestic advanced testing equipment, detailed and standardized testing procedures and means, and regularly submits various product samples to the national authoritative testing institutions, testing the performance and indicators, combining internal and external, to provide high-quality products for our customers. 
4. Product database: For each batch of products, the company has sealed samples and set up a complete product database to record production data in detail for future reference. 
In short, our commitment: to use the most advanced technology, the best products, the most thoughtful service, customer-centered, international standards as the criterion, to achieve our commitment to customers.


  • Standard:Certificate of invention


    Issue Date:2014-04-30

    Expiry Date:2034-04-30

    Scope/Range:Waterborne wood finishing paint

    Issued By:The state intellectual property office of the People's Republic of China

  • Standard:Certificate of invention


    Issue Date:2015-06-17

    Expiry Date:2035-06-17

    Scope/Range:Two - component waterborne wood lacquer

    Issued By:The state intellectual property office of the People's Republic of China

  • Standard:Certificate of invention


    Issue Date:2014-04-23

    Expiry Date:2034-04-23

    Scope/Range:High hardness environment-friendly varnish for wood ware

    Issued By:The state intellectual property office of the People's Republic of China

  • Standard:IS9001:2008


    Issue Date:2014-08-11

    Expiry Date:2017-08-11

    Scope/Range:Waterborne wood paint, water - based emulsion paint, waterborne acrylic paint production and marketing

    Issued By:SNQA

  • Standard:ISO14001:2004


    Issue Date:2014-08-11

    Expiry Date:2017-08-11

    Scope/Range:Production and sales of waterborne wood coating, waterborne latex paint and aterborne acrylic paint

    Issued By:SNQA

  • Standard:SGS


    Issue Date:2018-01-26


    Issued By:SGS-CSTIC

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