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Good quality Water Based Wood Coating for sales
Good quality Water Based Wood Coating for sales
I believe the can says not to thin it. I found it plenty thin enough to spray with a pretty low-end sprayer. I have heard people say they have thinned with 10% water to extend the dry time, but I can't speak as to their end results. Mine came out great (cabinets)

—— Tech Guy

If your careful when mixing, as to not force bubbles into the mixture you should be fine.

—— David B.

I have used it on white water based enamel painted cupboards. I found that if you put it on after a few hours of drying time for the paint, it will yellow. If you let the paint dry for a few days, it stays crystal clear. it depends on temperature and humidity also. Try it in an inconspicuous area first.

—— Ted

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Our advantage Company products

Company Details:

Business Type : Manufacturer
Trading Company
Brands : Yimei,Phresh
No. of Employees : >100
Annual Sales : 100000-500000
Year Established : 2018
Export p.c : 80% - 90%


China leading brand of water-based paint industry
Guangdong coating industry brand products

Development history:

Yimei brand coating is one of the three core businesses of Yimei international. The company is a large professional enterprise of developing and producing water-based industrial and civil coatings, with two main business areas: the development and sales of healthy products such as water-based decorative coatings and high-performance coatings. It operates in more than 30 countries and employs nearly 1,000 people. Since 2016, it has led the global index on sustainable development for two consecutive years. The company regards safety, health and environmental protection as one of the important values, and strictly abides by it in product development and business activities. Has a national invention patent, two utility model patents. True compliance with EU mandatory ROHS, SGS, EN71PA1T3, ASTM f963-07 certifications

The business scope of Yimei in China covers all kinds of paint used in buildings, such as internal and external wall paint, water-based wood paint, water-based steel structure paint, water-based glass paint, etc., which fully meets the requirements of different levels.

Yimei brand is the guarantee of quality, it represents the brilliant achievements of the company's business, and is also the witness of innovation and sustainable product development. Professional quality, spare no effort to provide customers with all-round professional services and unique solutions.

We believes that the future is not predicted, but created. We will always regard people's yearning for a better life and make affordable, safe and high-quality products as our goal. We will spare no effort to submit tomorrow's answer for today's topic.

Headquartered in the beautiful pearl river delta hinterland, the company has a long history of cultural city foshan, built zhaoqing green production base. Yimei integrated ecological strategy into the planning and construction of the park, and deeply implanted the concept of green environmental protection into the blood of the enterprise.
China good paint made by Yimei manufacture

2018 Foshan global operation center Foshan Phresh New Material Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2018
2017 Home service after-sales service award
2014 A national patent was granted
2013 Two national patents were granted
2010 Foshan yimei new material technology co., LTD was established
2008Asia's best management company awards for "best medium sized comp any" in the Hong Kong category.

2006 Guangdong coating well-known brand
2002 Founded Yimei zhaoqing co. LTD
1995 Hong Kong quality assurance council issued ISO9001 certificate
1994Paint oil was approved by Hong Kong architectural services department for use in major buildings.
1991Cooperated with Hong Kong famous paint oil company to produce paint oil, and developed the paint business with the help of its advanced paint technology knowledge
1990 Establishment of factory

Company vision:

We understand that what meets our customers' needs today may be inadequate tomorrow, and our cohesion is to be able to show our wisdom first.
This will benefit our customers because we can keep them competitive in the future and meet their unstated needs.

Corporate culture:

Yimei enterprise mission: to bring health and beauty into thousands of households
Yimei enterprise slogan: green decoration good life
Yimei corporate vision: to create a hundred leading enterprise talents, with the income of over one million per person
Yimei business philosophy: integrity, efficiency and win-win
Yimei corporate attitude: stick to the commitment, life to defend the results
Yimei enterprise service tenet: customer first, service first

Yimei manifesto:
I am an excellent, hard work is my habit, hard work to achieve personal dreams;
I am an excellent, learning is my habit, and I can grow with the company through continuous learning.
I am an excellent, modesty, Thanksgiving is my habit, treasure can have, Thanksgiving can be everlasting!
I am an excellent, obedience is my vocation, service is my mission, and perseverance is my belief. I want to realize the value of my life in Yimei; I want to be a good example to the team! I firmly believe that Yimei will have a better tomorrow! I am the happy one!

Our environmental awareness and efforts:

Yimei is committed to reducing energy consumption and pollutant emissions in the production process. Our belief is that environmental protection is the result of pursuit, but also the process of perseverance. Adhering to this concept, the company has set strict standards on formula design, raw material selection, air purification process, production process, logistics transportation and waste disposal.
Corporate social responsibility:
The balance of human, earth and profit is achieved. While making profits, the company also needs to ensure that its employees can make continuous progress, pay attention to the environment and make contributions to society. This is the way for the company to achieve sustainable development

Brand concept:

Based on the brand mission of "beautiful life with green decoration", Yimeii has been committed to providing consumers with professional environmental protection products and leading color consultation and painting scheme, becoming a catalyst for people's good life and renewing people's life.
The "no addition" series, air purification and other environmental protection products launched by Yimei set the highest standard of safety and environmental protection in the industry. In addition, Yimei provides consumers with a steady flow of healthy color inspiration, making color selection easier and more convenient. Let colorific new aspect bring the change of metope and household environment, also the life that can let people more is revitalized.


Three patents

China's leading brand of water-based paint industry

Guangdong coating industry brand products
Consumers trust coating products
Home service after-sale service award

Innovative products:

No add series

Yimei is committed to providing consumers with superior and safe environmental protection products. The company invests a lot of resources to innovate and develop "non-additive purification technology". Through the control of raw material environmental protection quality, there is no artificial addition of formaldehyde, benzene and other volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the product formulation and production process, which is purified layer by layer and strictly monitored to make the environmental protection more clean.
In coating products do not add other volatile organic compounds (VOC) has been a technical problem of the industry, and diet without adding beauty series of products do not add formaldehyde and benzene, not only and do not add other volatile organic compounds (VOC), more harmful substances are accord with national standard detection done without adding in the true sense. In addition to the basic series, Yimei has no addition family to provide air purification type of wall paint, such as bamboo charcoal breath, children's paint, etc. with the ability to actively purify harmful substances in indoor air, fully caring for your and your family's health.
Care carefully, green decoration beautiful life.
Select the unique color and exquisite texture of the wall paint, texture paint and wood lacquer, creative color, texture and touch perfect integration, to help you create a unique fashion home.
New and upgraded color formula, the color on the wall is more full, lasting and bright, the paint film is more delicate and smooth, reflecting extremely good taste.
Fashion inspiration, green decoration beautiful life.

Exterior wall paint
It protects houses from the weather.
With excellent elasticity, its excellent paint film stretch can easily cover the fine cracks of the wall, and at the same time, it has excellent weather resistance and water resistance, can resist the sun or rain, and comprehensively solve various wall problems.
With excellent elastic paint film, it can effectively cover the fine cracks, modulate the color at will, and the color is rich and lasting.
It has good durability and stain resistance, and with its mildew resistance and alkali resistance, it can bring excellent decoration and protection effect to the external wall.

Waterborne wood paint

Yimei, refresh the color of the log.
Starting with the understanding of natural wood, Yimei has accumulated rich experience in the research and development of wood lacquer. With the leading technology of patent, the wood lacquer is developed to fit natural wood texture/texture and structure, showing the beauty of wood from various aspects such as paint film/color/persistence.
Yimei CARES about the safety and environmental protection needs of consumers and advocates green and sustainable development. As a leader of scientific and technological innovation in the wood lacquer industry, Yimei is the first to introduce more safe and environmentally friendly waterborne wood paint. From reducing VOC/ free TDI to introducing the new net taste technology, from the pure natural formula to the anti-formaldehyde technology, bring you the industry's leading technology and all-round protection.


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